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Looking for a sleek license plate frame for your car? These license plate frames are made from durable plastic and come complete with mounting holes.

The lettering is computer cut and preinstalled on the frame. All of our frames are made from high quality materials which will look great for years!

STEP 1 - Select a Color for Your License Plate Framel
EXAMPLE: Black Frame
Select a Frame Color
These license plate frames are available in the either black or white.


STEP 2 - Select a Lettering Color
EXAMPLE: White Lettering
Select a Lettering Color
This is the color of the vinyl lettering installed on the license plate frame, which are available in the colors shown in the drop down menu. In additional to the standard colors, you can choose a specialty color from the menu (These are extra cost options as shown). VIEW COLOR CHART HERE


STEP 3 - Enter The Text For The Top Of The Frame
EXAMPLE: Together Forever
Frame Top Text
This is the text for the top of the frame (Note: Approx lettering area is 6.5" x 1")


STEP 4 - Enter The Text For The Top Of The Frame
EXAMPLE: Jack & Diane
Frame Bottom Text
This is the text for the bottom of the frame (Note: Approx lettering area is 6.5" x .5")


STEP 5 - Select a Color for Your Lettering
EXAMPLE: Brush Script Font
Select a Typestyle
Normal or Italicized Writing?
Slant Right
Slant Left

This is type of lettering used in the wording. "Brush Script" is used in the example. VIEW FONTS HERE


STEP 6 - OPTIONAL - Comments
Comments (Optional)


STEP 7 - Quantity Of License Plate Frames
NOTE: The quantity represents the number of license plates you need. We can provide discount pricing for orders over 6 pieces..

PLEASE NOTE: Check with your local regulations concerning the use of license plate frames before making a purchase. holds no responsibility for the legality of it's products for highway use. There are no refunds or exchanges on any custom products such as these. Be sure of what you are ordering before making a purchase.

When your order is logged into our system, we send you an email with the design before you are charged for the order.
All of our products are made in the USA by Americans..... Why settle for less?

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